Monday, 19 April 2021

Inspiring your workforce

There’s no question this past year has been a tough one, leaving many of us feeling anxious, stressed and suffering from depression. It’s no surprise that motivation levels may have fallen through the floor, but what can you do to inspire and motivate your workforce?

It’s most likely your employees won’t thank you for toughening targets and deadlines, yet for your business to succeed, you still need to see a certain level of achievement from your team. Some of your employees might be working from home while some might still be furloughed but there are ways to inspire them without being insensitive to their current situation.

More than anything, most people need to feel valued so by taking a few steps to show your appreciation for the work they do, you can instil a more positive attitude and enhanced wellbeing.

Show appreciation

You don’t have to spend the entire company budget, just a small gesture such as an email or letter thanking your team for their contributions can have a positive effect. Make sure each message is personal and relates to their individual performance rather than the company as a whole.

Equip your team

If you have staff that work from home, ensure they have all the equipment they need to perform their job to the best of their ability. Trying to work with inadequate equipment can increase stress levels and decrease motivation.

Encourage personal interaction

Stay engaged with your employees and encourage them to interact with one another so that they continue to make social connections. It doesn’t always have to be work related either; a monthly online quiz or catch-up chat via video calls can uplift peoples’ spirits and make them feel valued.

Be genuinely caring

Have regular one-to-one chats with your team to check in on their mental health. Knowing that your boss sincerely cares about your wellbeing is one of the greatest motivators and is much more likely to inspire you than being reprimanded for any under-performance.

Be a motivational teacher 

Successful leaders lead by example so it’s equally as important to look after your own mental health in order to teach and inspire without lecturing.

Listen to your employees

Take on board what your employees have to say. If they have ideas for their role or the company, consider how you can help implement them and don’t dismiss them before you’ve even taken the time to consider them properly.

Utilise the talents and skills of your team

By allowing someone to play to their strengths, they will more likely want to prove their abilities and work harder to succeed. It might be the case that you allocate tasks they wouldn’t normally undertake, but this can inspire personal growth and you might just find that their skills are better placed elsewhere in the company.

Nurture don’t micro-manage

The moment an employee feels that their every move is being scrutinised, they’ll start to feel under pressure and afraid to take risks. By giving staff the freedom to take control and accountability for the work they do, they will grow in confidence and want to step up to the mark.

For more information on how to inspire your workforce, check out this handy study and guide from Motivates.

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